Calling Cards
Published on 09/11/2006
Folks, here is something that I thought might be of interest to you if you are using calling cards and thinking you cannot be identified as a result.

This morning I discovered there has been a change to procedures if you are using a pre-paid calling card to call individuals and not leave a footprint. Formerly, when using a calling card, the information provided to caller IDs would be a random telephone number that the party being called could not trace back to you.

Today, when using a calling card, for legitimate purposes, the party I had called subsequently called me back. I had to ask the caller how they were able to know what number I had called from and the individual said that my number displayed in his caller ID.

I subsequently tested the system by calling my office, using my calling card and sure enough, the number from which I was calling displayed in the caller ID. So, if you think your number will not be displayed when using that calling card, think again.

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