Il rapporto segreto della Kroll. In esclusiva integrale
Pubblicazione del 14/06/2007

Ecco quello che ha fatto infuriare D'Alema, quello che ha fatto finire la Stampa (che ne ha estrapolato alcune parti) nell'occhio del ciclone della polemica politica perché lo ha pubblicato proprio alla vigilia dell'epilogo della crisi GdF-Visco. Insomma, il rapporto che tutti vogliono.

Affari lo ha trovato e lo ha pubblicato integralmente.

Con un'avvertenza, questo rapporto è stato pubblicato dalla "Folha do Sao Paulo", un quotidiano brasiliano che sta seguendo la vertenza tra Telecom Brasil e l'agenzia investigativa americana Kroll. La Telecom Brasil aveva infatti trascinato in tribunale la Kroll perchè - dopo averla incaricata di un servizio di spionaggio industriale ai danni di Telecom italia - la società americana non avrebbe depositato tutti i dossier elaborati. Che, di conseguenza sono stati acquisiti agli atti del processo. Sono atti fermi a San Paolo che risalgono a oltre tre anni fa. Tanto è vero che il Folha do Sao Paulo li pubblica il 22 luglio del 2004. Poi, il dossier viene rimosso per ordine dell'autorità giudiziaria con una decisione che ha fatto molto discutere la stampa brasiliana. Ora, la Stampa è in forte imbarazzo. Tanto quanto il suo direttore, già nel mirino di Gianfranco Fini, come confermato dal durissimo scontro a Porta a Porta qualche giorno fa. Secondo quanto può riferire Affari, anche dall'entourage di D'Alema si segnala molta delusione e stupore per il comportamento di uno dei più grandi giornali italiani, nonchè per uno dei direttori più stimati.

Ecco dunque il dossier della Kroll, sul "Project Tokyo". (in inglese):

Privileged & Strictly Confidential
Cassio Casseb Lima - Personal Background

Cassio Casseb Lima (CCL) has one son, Eduardo Casseb Oliveira (born on April 12 th 1980 ), and two daughters; Cassia Casseb Oliveira (born on December 12 th 1976 ) and Elaine Casseb Oliveira (born on April 28 th 1972 ). Further research into relevant corporate links or financial dealings elating to these individuals is under way.

According to source intelligence, CCL uses the following land line: 11 3xx 8835. Sources indicate that the billing address for this number appears to be as follows: Rua Morro Verde 00106
Pacaembu Sao Paulo SP 01245-020. This number may have been used to make calls to the following Italian numbers during February: +258 305 87xx, +338 729 72xx.

According to source intelligence, CCL uses the following mobile phones: 11 9966 71xx, 11 9934 69xx. Sources maintain that the billing address for both numbers is as follows:
Rua Cristiano Viana 191 Apto. 52 JD America 05411-000, Sao Paulo. Further details are expected next week.

According to source intelligence, CCL is said to use a Visa Executivo VIP credit card (number 40323xxxxxxxxxx). The source maintains that this card was used in a restaurant in Milan , Italy on February 5 th 2004. Professional Background Research confirms that CCL graduated in Engineering at the Escola Politecnica of Sao Paulo . In 1976 he was head hunted to work at Bank of Boston by Henrique Meirelles, the current President of the Central Bank in Brazil . Henrique Meirelles is said to be one of main supporters in promoting CCL to his current position at Bank of Brazil.
At Bank Boston, CCL worked for 3 (three) years in the area of Leasing and Credits. In 1979 he went to French & Brazilian Bank (Credit Lyonnais ) where he worked for nine years, initially as an Account Officer, then latterly as Financial Director for Brazil and Commercial Director for the Northwest Region.
After Credit Lyonnais CCL was employed at Mantrust Bank SRL, a joint-venture between Manufacturers Hannover and local entrepreneurs Joao Sayad and his two partners Henri Philippe Reichstul (the ex-CEO for Petrobras) and Francisco Luna. He remained at the bank for four years as Financial Vice President and Executive Vice President. Reichstul and Sayad are also said to been influential in assisting CCL to obtain his position at Bank of Brazil.

In 1992 CCL co-ordinated the industrial restructuring of Vila Romana Group. In 1993 he moved to Citibank as Financial Vice President (Treasurer) responsible for the areas of Products and Derivative's Development as well as all treasurer operations.
Around this time CCL became a member of the Board of ANDIMA – the National Association of the Entities of the Financial Market – and of IBCB – the Brazilian Institution of Banking Science. In 1997 CCL assumed the Presidency of Credicard S.A. CCL restructured the company and granted also experience at the financial retail.

In May 1999 CCL was hired by the Steinbruchs, the owners of the Vicunha Group, in order to help in the group's restructuring and industrial strategy. Please note that Vicunha is referred to in the Brazilian press as a '…national partner' of Telecom Italia. The group has investments in companies such as Vicunha Textil, Fibra Dupont, Fibrasil, Companhia Siderurgica Nacional (CSN), Vale do Rio Doce, Maxitel and Fibra Bank. CCL became a member of the Board at Vicunha and Fibra Bank. Traliz Consultadoria Ltda.
According to source intelligence, at the end of 2001 CCL left the Vicunha Group and started his own consulting office in partnership with Andrea Calabi - ex-President of Bank of Brazil and BNDES, in a company called 'Traliz Consultadoria Ltda ( tax no. 04.373.218/xxxxxx-42).

According to local database records Traliz was incorporated in April 2001. Records indicate that the company is located at the following address: Room 61 Rua Viradouro 63 Sao Paulo.
There are no telephone numbers registered to this address. Further research indicates that this address is registered under the name of a company called AACC Administração Consultoria S/C Ltda (tax no. 01.826.743/0001xxxx). This company was incorporated in May 1997. Its current shareholders are listed as: Andrea Calabi, Adriana Cristina Calabi.

The possibility that AACC has acted as a partnership vehicle for CCL and AC is being considered. Full documentation for both Traliz and AACC has been requested and will be analyzed for any possible links with CCL and in turn with TI. Please note that according to a well placed source at this time the CEO of TI in Brazil Carmelo Furci enjoyed a close relationship with Andrea Calabi. It is thought that any services rendered to TI at this time by CCL and AC would have probably been offered through this company. Further documentation relating to this entity is awaited.
Links with Inepar.

Traliz is also said to have been involved in the restructuring of the Inepar group, a close joint venture partner of TI. Inepar is reported to belong to Atilano de Oms Sobrinho and includes amongst its minority shareholders some pension funds, including BNDES Par and Dynamo. This project – where the contractors included some Pension Funds – gave CCL the opportunity to develop a good relationship with prominent names from PT Political Party.

Sources maintain that the company passed through a difficult situation until 1999/2000. In 2001 it began to retake its position through a series of deals in the electrical and petroleum sectors. Therein orders for towers and transmission lines increased.

Information regarding Inepar Administração de Bens e Serviços Participações Ltda (tax payer number 45xxxxxx602/0001-09), the main company of the group, has been requested, however, initial public records indicate that the company lists the following managers: Atilano de Oms, Sobrinho, Di Marco Pozzo, Mario Celso Petraglia, Natal Bressn, Jauvenal de Oms, Gennaro Moretti.

According to market information, Inepar and Andrade Gutierrez closed an agreement with Nokia in order to implement the GSM network for Telemar in Rio de Janeiro , Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo. At this point it is said that the company was negotiating an agreement with TIM to render its services.

An attachment of a TI CADE Resolution, which lists acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures and joint development of new enterprises in Brazil and in other Merco sul countries during the previous three years, lists Inepar as a partner with Telespazio SpA in two joint ventures:
• Damos Sudamérica S.A. established in 1997 by Telespazio, Inepar and others. The stated purpose of business was to provide data communication services in Europe using the Orbcomm satellite.
• Tiscom S.A.a 1999 joint venture to provide satellite services to corporate clients and telecom operators in Brazil.

Sources indicate that the two companies also participate in a local mobile operator in Venezuela called ELCA. Further confirmation is being sought.
An an article in 'O Globo' date 20 th October 1998 reports the purchase of Tele Norte Leste for R$ 3,434 bn by Telemar, the consortium consisting of Andrade Gutierrez, Inepar, La Fonte Participações (the Jereissati Group) and several pension funds, headed by Caixa de Previdência and Previ. TI also declared an interest in purchasing Tele Norte Leste. The article quotes Carmelo Furci (then President of Telecom Italia do Brasil) confirming this interest whilst denying as 'baseless speculation' rumours that TI offered R$ 1,030 bn for the company.

Source intelligence in Italy indicates that Inepar (ma questo è stato smentito dal fondo, ndr) was the company that moved funds for the then Prime Minister D'Alema, which involved TI activities.

In 2002 CCL became involved in a series of studies for the Sao Paulo City Hall at the invitation of Joao Sayad, who was then Municipal Secretary for Finances for Sao Paulo . One of the most recent such studies undertaken by CCL concerns the management of funds and application of Municipal Treasury assets. Its objective was to identify the best return of capital for the City's cash as well as to identify the operations risks.

Press reports indicate that CCL also informally provided services to Sao Paulo 's City Hall and realized works for Previ – the Bank of Brazil employee pension fund. Solpart.

CCL also served as a board member of BrT subsidiary Solpart. According to database records, CCL appears as a Solpart shareholder from April 4 th 2002 . A copy of the relevant company documents has been requested. It was reported in the Brazilian press on January 20 th 2003 that he also held a position as an advisor for TI in Brazil . The veracity of this report is currently being investigated.
Financial Source intelligence has been obtained relating to CCL's personal finances between 1997 and 2002.

This information is summarised in the attached chart.

The chart summarises earnings from investments with financial institutions and/or companies as declared to tax authorities. Analysis of this information indicates the following points:
• CCL appears to have almost R$500,000 taxable revenue from an investment in Banco Zogbi. Based on this figure, a likely deposit (based on an average return of 20%), may be estimated at R$2.5mn.
• CCL appears to have benefited from two swap deals; one with Banco Fibra (for whom he previously worked), and the second with Banco Sofisa. It is not clear whether these relate to currency swaps. Efforts to establish whether CCL's current position should prohibit him from participating in or benefiting from such deals are underway.
• CCL appears to rent a commercial site to a firm called Barros, Bastos & Coser Commercial Ltda. This is the legal entity which operates ' House Garden ' a well known decoration firm in Sao Paulo .

In 1997 CCL appears to have declared payments for two separate sites.

• CCL appears to have earnings from HSBC Private Securities in Curitiba . Please note that NT also appears to have benefited from earnings from the same bank in Curitiba , although the two men cite different building numbers in the same street. Further research continues.
• CCL appears to declare total taxable revenues of approximately R$8mn.


The spreadsheet lists revenues from personal investments, financial transactions etc. Reading from left to right, the chart lists the fiscal year (i.e. 2001), source of income (with tax payer ID), corporate name / address, and a description of the earning together with its Taxable Revenue and Withholding Tax.

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