GERMANY: approved a bill that will protect workers
Published on 06/09/2010
The German government yesterday approved a bill that will protect workers from any attempt to conduct espionage superiors, either through hidden video camera or requiring reports from private detectives. The measure was adopted after the scandals that occurred in companies such as Lidl, where the private security company hired to produce reports of employees and mini camera filled with all precincts.

For the president of the employers, Reinhard Göhner, the standard should be reworked. Speaking to ZDF public television channel, reported that the law Göhner hamper the fight to combat corruption and crime, and demanded a clarification in the text some legal details, such as cases in which employers are allowed to review emails from your template.

The use of cameras, however, may be allowed when communicating to employees the existence of them. Employers can obtain information on the Internet about the professional value of the applicants but the use of social network information is strictly prohibited. The requirements of medical tests before recruitment may be legal only in certain situations, as the new standard.

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