Due Diligence Report and activity
Published on 19/11/2012
We provide to conduct a due diligence activity and about our due Diligence report we provide:

Scope of Work
Section will include an overview of the project including an overview description of the company and/or individuals that were the focus of the investigation.  A synopsis of the information found during the investigation will be presented.
We are able do that and the cost is included in final report.

Investigation Summary
This section will describe in summary any pertinent historical information that is known about the company
any pertinent historical information
and/or individuals.

Company information may include years in operation, office locations, major clients and services and products offered.
Information on individuals may include education, professional history, offices held,
publications produced and known associates. ( intende il titolo delle pubblicazioni scritte e gli associate noti)

Media Research
Information in the section will include pertinent articles or stories that have been published in the relevant foreign country media in which the company or individual(s) are mentioned, quoted or involved as a topic. Copies of the articles will be included in an appendix.

Regulatory Issues
Information on any relevant foreign government, industry (eg, stock exchange, bar assn),
or legal sanctions, complaints, disciplinary actions, civil court filings
or notices related to bad debt, default, or insolvency involving the company and/or individual(s) involved in the investigation.

Business Affiliations
Information on the company or individual(s) within any of the relevant foreign country’s commercial filings indicating relationships such as being an executive, officer, director of majority shareholder in a company.

Criminal Records
Information on an individual that indicates criminal activities.

Additional Sanctions List
Any information of evidence that the company and/or individual(s) is/are listed on any additional lists in the relevant foreign country including sanctions, ineligibilities, terrorism, fugitives, Politically Exposed Persons, Interpol Most Wanted or any other relevant list.

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