The detective agency “ La Segretissima ” is born in 1922 with Royal Decree of the Direction Guard of Public Safety. Subsequently in the year 1925-1926 was decorated with the medal of gold to the International exhibition for the art, the industry, the Science and the Commerce that first detective agency of Italy.

  At present, it is directed by its owner who after having worked for 25 years in the State Police detective departments has put his experience as detective at the private citizen disposal for investigations on national and international territory. “ La Segretissima ” is legally authorized from the Prefecture of Rome with decree n. 971/96/A.I./Div. P. A. and precise that every contact, report, communication and service undertaken with the customers is treated with the greatest reserve punctilious everything the in force lecterns about of safety (Law of the 31/12/1996 n. 675 and successive updatings), professional deontology and moral integrity, all this to guarantee the Customer.

The agency is in a position to investigate in different areas: from the personal area, to the business area, but with the experience of the CEO “ La Segretissima ” is specialized in the defensive inquiries (Law 7 December 2000, n. 397) for the criminal defence.

The inquiries in familiar field and/or personal field are the most delicate because its have informations on actions, elements and behaviors on people that are part the sentimental sphere, personal and familiar. All the inquiry are legally valid in trial seat as documented with photographic supports judicially valid. In field of protection of the personal property “ La Segretissima ” is in a position to trace the debtor, its property (banks, real estate), in the Italian and international territory.

The inquiries for the businesses are carried out across informative channels specially reserved, employing both personal extremely qualified and advanced technological instruments. “ La Segretissima ” is in a position to carry out environmental, telephone and information technology reclamation, also for large company already specially attentive, inquiries to discover eventual frauds or infidelity aside of partners and employee.

The defensive inquiries for Criminal Defence come carried out directly from the official one together with technical consultants and experts authorized to the senses of the artt. 38 and 222 of the C. P. P.

La Segretissima to the carry out the investigations in the national and international territory, have a professionals team that come from the detective of Criminal Investigation Department to pursue the objectives in short times and effectively to the judicial scope.

La Segretissima is member of World Association of Detectives ( since 2005 and is located in Rome Via San Quintino, 19.
La Segretissima is a company that conduct our business in according to UK Bribery Act 2011 and FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act)
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