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SECURITY is a useful and precious good which today has become a basic need for a society living in doubt and uncertainty. It is turning out to be indispensable at work as well as in private life.

LA SEGRETISSIMA INVESTIGATIONS proposes and offers services of Protection Analysis risks and VIP security and Societies for conventions, meetings, conferences, parties, with high qualified and specialized staff. We offer also the service with the aid of unity cinofile.

This innovative type of service that with aid of dogs chosen and trained, guarantee an efficient one and a strong deterrent action to discourage any criminal activity, from ill-intentioned potentials with the real purpose of to profane the private property or the privacy. We suggest the employment of the K9 during the nocturnal period into private residence, businesses or objectives that require some protection or take a care of the assets and of the property that especially in the last time, are frequent object of continuous thefts or of the private violation.

We trust that is a strong deterrent action

Upon request, it also offers protection services with armoured cars.

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