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For offences particularly stern and ignoble against a person and/or internal anomalous behaviour within a family, La Segretissima may, through trained staff, legal and medical advice as well as through the use of technological instruments:

Investigate on harassment, blackmailing, phone calls, anonymous letters as well as on some subjects which importune some family members - at times minors ľ such as pedophiles, maniacs, usurers, organised criminality;

Ascertain eventual anomalous behaviours among attending unpleasant milieu and having illegal behaviours such as drugs sale and/or assumption, prostitution, affiliation to satanic sects or criminal associations;

Carry out scientific investigations in collaboration with laboratories and Court authorized experts for the individualization, gathering and documentation of valid evidence on penal investigations or conforming to Law 397/2000, or investigations such the DNA examination valid on judicial sessions for the acknowledgment or disownment of a parent;

Trace - on national and international territory - dead people or trace people being temporarily taken away independently from their own will through sequestration by extorted means, or removal due to mental illness;

Carry out Pre/post marriage investigations for ascertaining a partner's behaviour providing valid proofs on judicial sessions because of separation, custody granting, etc;

Ascertain marriage contracts for economic interests, or in phase of performance with foreigners with the single aim of acquiring Italian citizenship;

Investigate on personal and real estate patrimonial surveyings for the spouse, or former spouse, or for children in order of reviewing the check of maintenance or alimony by providing valid proofs on judicial sessions;

Carry out hereditary surveyings concerning the search and verification of heirs having the right, upon the existence of legitimate third party heirs, controls on eventual contracted insurances by de-c¨ius, assessment of the patrimony object of the inheritance cause;

Trace the debtor and make patrimonial and financial assessments aiming the recovery of credits;

Carry out a prevention study aiming to the protection of the family (antiseizure, antirobbery).

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