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We pride ourself on being able to offer to you a team composed by best professional people that we've known in the past in Interpol department and during these time as PI so La Segretissima's crew is well formed by range of skills, from experienced detectives, to practised lawyers, to military knowledge.

With over two decades of experience in the Intelligence operations for investigation and surveillance industry, we provide in a wide variety of services ranging from corporate investigations and close security to private surveillance, some of it listed below:

Background checks and due diligence. We gather data to produce in-depth due diligence reports in the following areas: Merge & Acquisition, Pre-employment checks, claim investigations, investigating on suspicious activity by suppliers, clients, employees and management, missing persons and debtor tracing, asset Tracing;

Analysis and assessment: We analyse and study the right strategies to improve or defence business in areas like business intelligence, insurance fraud, prevention and detection, counterfeit investigations, risk security, forensic analysis, internet threats. We support security managers and HR departments to study a valid emergency evacuation plan for their employee working in particular countries affected by the war.

TSCM & Cyber-TSCM: During these years we invested in equipments (Rohde & Schwarz and Winkelmann) and in training people to use best techniques to secure vital business information and knowledge. Counter espionage means not just bug sweeps but is analyse the environment to act with cyber-TSCM like mobile forensic, computer forensic in both cases corporate and individual.

La Segretissima is a regularly licensed agency, operating across the Italy and all over the world - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Italian nationwide and virtually anywhere in the world in particular way in the Meaddle east.

Every services is tailored to your needs. Do not esitate to contact us now without any cost for you.

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